We Get It… And We’d Love To Talk To You About Your Unique It!

We Get It… And We’d Love To Talk To You About Your Unique It!

Lean software development is a production philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste, increasing the speed of delivery and continuously improving the processes and quality of output. Work flows are broken down into their smallest parts, executed, evaluated and iterated, with stakeholder and user input applied at each critical iteration. It’s all about minimizing cost and effort while adding value. 

Additionally, we understand that remaining nimble and flexible is critical, which is why we named our internal processes F.L.U.I.D. Flexible, Logical, Unique, Interface & Development. It reminds us everyday that the best innovation can come from the pivot, when you “jump the curb” and do something unexpected. A straight line is rarely the path to success.

Client Partners at WhaWorks are a different breed! The key to success is in the details. Understanding top line goals is one thing, being smart enough to manage the nuances of a project is another. Our Client Partners are skilled at time-to-task relationships, value add vs. critical path, and value propositions vs. budget allocation. Include innovative, strategic thinking and leadership qualities and you have a WhatWorks CP! Spending money and spending time are synonymous in our industry; we work with you to make them both worth your while.

Invest Wisely

“A Bargain is something you can’t use, at a price you can’t resist.” This holds true particularly when it comes to software development. WhatWorks isn’t the most expensive agency, but we also know we’re not cheap. We hire the best talent available to us, with shared vision, creativity and sensibilities. Considering the complexities of software development, attention to detail and limiting waste is critical to our successful project management, that takes time and talent. Today more than ever, software solutions are the cornerstone to a business’ success, and when that perspective is applied, most clients realize rather quickly to invest wisely, rather than spend foolishly. 

Software development is a space of near endless possibilities - given enough time and money, almost anything can be accomplished.  This understanding is both a blessing and curse.  While it may lead to creativity and boundless wish lists, it can also lead to a stop and start process, riddled with scope creep - a consequence of passion, enthusiasm, and the power of technology pulling in the wrong direction. 

We focus on building for the features and functionality that we know will have the greatest impact and drive the most value to your users. We “scan” each client’s initial budget, analyzing it for scope potential, critical ancillary needs (marketing, educating, staffing and other overhead considerations), as well as, ongoing product maintenance and modernization. This helps to frame monetary thresholds helping us to control the scope, setting expectations and allowing a “grow as you go” sensibility. 

We understand that ideas and innovation come in all forms and sizes, so we provide strategically sound solutions across each of our three levels of service.

Primary:  Clients who recognize that they can’t build a software solution on their own, but have extreme budget limitations. 

Enhanced:  Clients who require in-depth software solutions and have moderate budget allocations.

Summum: Clients who require high-end software solutions with moderate to high levels of budget to support the venture.

$85 Billion Annually 

The average developer spends 42% of their time dealing with technical debt and maintenance issues resulting from “bad code”. 

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Fixing a bug takes 30-times longer than writing clean code.

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Ready to get started?

Initial Strategic Framing
Session Is Always Free!

Ready to get started?

Initial Strategic Framing Session
Is Always Free!